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Beehive Business Park, Ulverston

Beehive Business Park, Ulverston

Plans submitted for the Beehive Business Park in Ulverston with employment units and retail stores faced strong opposition from the Town Council,  South Lakeland District Council, the Town’s Traders Association and civic groups.  They were all concerned about the impact on the town centre stores of a development some 500 metres away from the main shopping street. 

Engaged by the developer, Trafalgar PR launched a campaign to turn around opinion, working closely with the media and importantly developing social media channels to give a voice to local people in favour of the development.  We also organised the public consultation event and attended meetings of community groups to explain the aims of the project. 

Over the months leading up to the planning committee consideration a huge groundswell of opinion built up that welcomed the prospect of M&S Food and Aldi stores in Ulverston.  The campaign linked that retail offer to the opportunity to retain and attract jobs through the high quality employment units, and made the case that the Beehive was the only location the retailers would consider.  

Outcome: Ulverston Town Council reversed its original rejection of the scheme and the SLDC planning committee unanimously approved the plans. 

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