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Ulverston Lantern Festival’s River of Light

Ulverston Lantern Festival’s River of Light

It is truly heart-warming when a community event thrives the the activities of volunteers.  Ulverston’s Lantern Festival not only survived the withdrawal of the arts funding which had established it, the Festival has also grown into a true community enterprise which is now the biggest Lantern Festival of its kind in Europe.

On September 15th 2018 around 700 lanterns made from willow withy frames and tissue paper coated with pva glue will parade through the streets of the town watched by thousands of spectators.

Ulverston’s hospitality businesses – pubs, cafes, takeaways – will have their best night of the year because of the huge influx of people, and it is all for free.  True the organisers ask for donations – but a couple of pounds per person is a small price to pay for one of the biggest events of the year including a breath-taking firework display with Hoad Hill’s iconic Sir John Barrow monument as the backdrop.

If you want to see community enterprise in action – check out the Ulverston Lantern Festival or better still make a Lantern and join the procession.

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